A Step By Step Process To Accessing Treatment

  1. Acknowledge that you or your loved one needs the help and support of a professional.
  2. Thorough assessment to determine exactly what the issues and problems are. This is done by phone, with either the individual seeking help or his or her family members. Often times, individuals have more than one diagnosis and this can create complex problems. We understand how imperative it is that all issues be addressed in order to maximize the chances of long term recovery.
  3. Find the treatment option that is the best match for the individual. There are a range of choices, and we may suggest a combination of services. We do extensive research and actually talk with the different admissions departments to make sure our clients will receive the best care possible.
  4. Talk with the suggested treatment facility and proceed with an intake assessment. At that time, a date will be determined for the client to enter into treatment. If need be, The Circle of Care can accompany the client to a treatment program. We will stay in contact with the professionals at the facility during his or her stay.
  5. The fifth step and perhaps the most important is to develop and follow an individualized aftercare plan. Most people need long term, ongoing support as they continue their healing process. We can provide a comprehensive and holistic plan that offers the best type of support network for a person’s growth and recovery.