Consulting Services

At The Circle of Care Consultants, we understand the enormous challenges treatment professionals and facilities face on a daily basis. All too often, in today’s demanding world of treatment, facilities face budgeting constraints, staffing issues and clinical priorities that do not allow them to successfully address their marketing needs and long term goals.

For private practitioners, the need for advertising or successful marketing campaigns is inherent in being a small business owner, and yet all too often ignored or mismanaged opportunities leave practitioners feeling isolated and unfamiliar with resources readily available to them if only they knew the "right people". Factors, like time and money spent on marketing, play a large part in determining how a facility or provider will be recognized within the marketplace.

At The Circle of Care Consultants, after carefully examining the course of action, or in some cases, the lack of action, you have taken in your marketing efforts, we teach you and your staff, techniques, from basic to advanced methods, to market your services to the public and other professionals looking to find competent, ethical and effective treatment options for their clients.

The Circle of Care Consultants will not only help you increase revenue, but also, assist you in strengthening your clinical program, and market your facility both nationally and abroad, without hiring and training new business development or marketing staff or breaking your budget.  In other words, The Circle of Care Consultants are here to help you increase your marketplace visibility and strengthen your ROI in the unbelievably competitive world of treatment.