Core Analysis

Overall Program Evaluation

An objective evaluation of the efficiency and professionalism of the facility or treatment center and staff. This can include:

Intake and Admissions Department

Evaluation of the intake and admissions policies and procedures.

This can include:

Specialty Track Development

If you find yourself turning clients away because your program does not offer a dual diagnosis or specialty track, you may consider our program development services for:

These Services Include:

Case Management Services & Continuing Care Coordination

The journey to recovery does not end with primary or extended care treatment. This is a lifelong commitment to oneself, and we are here to help our clients gain access to every type of service they may need as they move forward in their journey. 

Through The Circle of Care Consultants, Inc., we offer a wide range of case management services to the consumer.  We are available on a short or long term basis to provide all aspects of the aftercare planning process. Through consultation with current treatment providers, and based on individual client needs, we will present an aftercare plan with recommended treatment providers, family therapists, 12-step meeting locations, psychiatrists, life coaches, holistic practitioners, body centered psychotherapists, halfway houses, extended care facilities and any other necessary components of a person's ongoing recovery team. 

Most aftercare plans span a period of 1 year. Services are billed hourly based on level of client need, and are billed to client directly.  Case Management Services & Continuing Care or Aftercare Coordination services are also available on a contract basis to treatment providers for their clients or programs.  We understand the importance of aftercare and believe staff must be well trained in providing a solid continuum of care for your clients. Aftercare planning should begin at intake, and clients should be involved in as much of their treatment and aftercare planning as clinically appropriate. 

Our Care Consultants have extensive experience working with chemical addictions, trauma, eating disorders, sexual compulsivity, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, depression, bi-polar disorder, behavioral problems, anxiety disorders, gambling and other compulsive disorders, and much more.  They will respect your client’s recovery, and provide them with the healthcare services and referrals they will need upon completion of their treatment stay.