Drug Slang

Below are slang terms that are popular references for drugs, alcohol and some of the behaviors associated with them. Included are examples of sentences that offer the context in which they can be used.

Stands for April 20 or the time 4:20. Years ago, 4:20 pm was deemed the time of day to get high and April 20 became “National Pot Smoking Day.”
“It’s 420! Let’s get high!”

The dried and cured, unpollinated flowering portion of the marijuana plant. Bud contains the D9-trans-tetrahydrocannab inol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabinol.
“I’ve got some bud. Pack the bowl.”

The pleasant feeling you get when you’re drunk or high.
“I had a few beers, but I didn’t get wasted. I was buzzed.”

Candy flipping
A high that’s achieved by combining LSD or acid with Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) or ecstasy.
“Let’s go candy flipping tonight!”

Slang for low quality crystallized Methamphetamine. A stimulant with a high that lasts between 8 and 24 hours.
“The crank made him extremely hyper, but he crashed the next day.”

To get high and drunk at the same time.
“We’ve got beer and weed. Let’s get crunked.”

Sticky, hairy, and especially strong type of marijuana.
“This is some strong dank!”

Dime bag
$10 worth of any drug.
“I’ve got $10…let’s go get a dime bag.”

A person who heavily abuses illegal drugs. They are associated with a negative, dirty image.
“He’s such a disgusting druggie.”

Dextromorphan Hydrobromide (DXM HBr). A drug contained in over-the-counter (OTC) cough suppressants. After 900mg, becomes a hallucinogen.
“I’m out of weed, let’s trip on DXM.”

Slang for the drug ecstasy. Synonyms: X
“They were rolling on X at the rave.”

The resin from the flowers of the marijuana plant.
“I’ve got some hash. Let’s make brownies!”

Hooking up
To engage in romantic/sexual activity with little to no emotional attachment. Both parties are usually under the influence of alcohol or some other drug.
“Jessica was so drunk last night that she hooked up with Mike!”

Smoking marijuana in a confined space so that the area fills with smoke.
“Hey – let’s hotbox the car!”

Marijuana rolled cigarette.  May be “laced” or sprinked with other drugs mixed into the marijuana leaves.
“Let’s go smoke a joint and chill.”

A horse tranquilizer. Has hallucinogenic properties and can make users violent. Synonyms: Angel Dust
“He was using PCP and didn’t even realize he broke his hand after he punched the wall.”

To drink before going to a party.
“We should pre-game before we go out tonight.”

Roach clip
A metal holder used to hold a small joint to avoid burning your fingers.
“Don’t burn yourself. Here, use the roach clip to hold that joint.”

Term used to describe an ecstasy high.
“They all took X before the rave and were rollin’ by the time they got there.”

Short for Salvia Divinorum, a plant native to Southern Mexico. It has a hallucinogenic effect.
“Salvia highs make you see some scary stuff.”

Sex on ecstasy.
"Sex on ecstasy is awesome because your sense of touch is maximized and amazing."

The end bits of a bag of weed.
"All I’ve got left from my stash is some shake."

Mushrooms that contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. They have a hallucinogenic effect.
“I ate some shrooms last night and saw the craziest things!”

A type of marijuana. It is a cross breed of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.
“Wow – that skunk is strong! Where can I get some?”

Special K
Slang for the drug Ketamin, an animal tranquilizer. Synonym: K
“We scored some Special K tonight. I hear it’s better than X.”

A term used to describe someone who smokes marijuana often.
“He is such a stoner. He smokes all day.”

To inhale marijuana smoke or take a hit or turn.
“Take another toke off the joint.”

Triple C's
Stands for coricidan HBP, cough and cold. Taking more than the recommended dose of OTC cough medicine can have a hallucinogenic effect. Synonyms: Skittles, Robo Trip, Poor Man's X
“I’m out of X but I’ve got Triple C’s. I’m going to robo trip.”