From Our Founder


It has long since been our mission to help all types of people, across the board, achieve their life goals and build a happier, healthier future for themselves. That principle vision is what forms the foundation for The Circle of Care Consultants, Inc.

The Circle of Care Marketing Services, Care Consultants Advocacy and Placement Services and The Inner Circle Network, are all interconnected in our comprehensive, all encompassing approach to working with behavioral healthcare and treatment professionals within the marketplace. The Circle of Care is designed to provide worldwide access to professionals and services promoting health and happiness, to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. It is our desire to “pay it forward” that motivates our team of professionals to go above and beyond, as they strive to provide help and hope to those in most need of support and assistance.

When faced with the natural introductory question, “So, what do you do?" I often find myself searching for the words…And those who know me, know this is an unnatural phenomenon.

It seems like an easy enough question to answer. We hear it all the time, and usually answer it on command. I am a Baker, Lawyer, Teacher, Cashier… the response should come that easy. But I find myself thinking. How do you describe this passion? Our desire to provide hope to those in need of a little light, after they have experienced some of life's darkest, tightest spots and lost all hope. We believe that to assist a person in need of direction, guidance and hope, is not just a profession, but more of a calling. We are available to anyone in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because we realize that without discovering one's life passion, our daily struggles can become insurmountable.

We are all here for a reason. Our life's journey is to discover who we are and what our purpose is. Sometimes it is learning to be grateful for what we have, or for what we don't have in our lives. Our Care Consultant's goal is to help someone fighting the disease of addiction and mental illness, and help them find their center and discover their passion, as a means to manage emotional and spiritual distress in their lives.

By the time I have come up with a personally satisfying response to the standard question, “What do you do?”, and explained to the inquisitor my passion and my drive, the next question invariably is “HOW do you do it?” And I have to smile… because, I can and must. I am passionate about it.

I have been involved in the behavioral healthcare and addictions field since moving to the South Florida area from New Jersey in 1998. After graduating from Ithaca College with a BA in Speech Communications and Business Management, I found myself drawn to connecting people to each other and networking became my way of life. One of my favorite aspects to working in the field has been introducing people to each other whose relationship could become mutually beneficial, and to that end, The Inner Circle Network was developed.

I have been involved in almost every aspect of assessment and placement for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues, in a variety of settings, such as residential treatment centers, crisis shelters, psychiatric hospitals, private practices and intensive workshops. For almost 7 years I worked at an Intensive Relapse Treatment and Prevention Center in South Florida as Director of Business Development, National Marketing Coordinator, Court Assessment & Treatment Liaison, and Client Advocate.

I have successfully combined my extensive knowledge of working with individuals trying to recover from substance abuse, addiction and mental health issues, eating disorders, sexual abuse, sexual compulsivity, emotional trauma, post traumatic stress disorders, affective disorders, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, and with the skills of clinical assessment, intervention, individual case management, treatment plan implementation, program development, marketing and quality assurance.

I have over 15 years of management experience and I place a premium on the team approach to treatment. I hope that you will take the time to review our site and contact me personally with any questions you may have about the services we offer. I can be reached directly at If we can't help you ourselves, we will help you find someone else who can!

I'd like to thank you for visiting our site, and hope that we will be able to be of service…

Peace & Serenity. Love & Light Always.
Karen P. Rainer, CPS, CMHP