Our Mission

To bring the best healthcare services available to the attention of the most diverse and largest population of individuals in need of guidance and advocacy during the most difficult times of their lives. To provide a multi-dimensional and globally committed scope of services.

Our Philosophy

We believe in hope, honesty, integrity and respect. These core values and our sincere desire to help people helping themselves provide the foundation of our company and apply to all of our interactions with clients and professional relationships.

When a person struggling with addiction or mental health issues experiences an "a-ha" moment that leaves them open to the possibility of change, they are at their most vulnerable state. That person is then in need of the most comprehensive help from clinically appropriate services that best apply to their specific needs.

By acting as a liaison to treatment and other service providers, as well as providing consulting services to behavioral healthcare providers, the professionals at The Circle of Care Consultants can offer years of experience to allow an individual in need the most sound path to recovery and life change.

We take into account life history and past behavior, prior treatment and special issues, finances and support, and work with our clients and their loved ones, as well as the professionals who aid in the recovery process, to find treatment options that offer the best possible chance to succeed in their newly reclaimed life.

We are The Circle of Care Consultants, and our goal is to help break the pattern of insanity that is addiction for anyone that longs for the chance to have a better life.